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Static vs. Dynamic Websites: Which one do I need?

You may have heard websites being talked about as either a “static website” or a “dynamic website.” What’s the difference?

A static website is a simple site with basic information that doesn’t need to change often. These are normally non-editable except by web developers. The advantage is that they do not require much web programming or any database design, so they can often be completed without much time or money invested. One example of a static website is a business website built to advertise services and details about the company.

A dynamic website allows for user engagement and frequent posting of content. Dynamic websites can contain client-side or server-side scripting to generate the changing content, or a combination of both scripting types. These sites also can include HTML programming for the basic structure. An example of a dynamic website is an eCommerce website developed to store multiple products and is equipped with multiple dynamic functions which include but not limited to payment gateway implementation, login portals, shipping integration, etc.

Most websites today are dynamic because clients expect to have some level of control over page content, and because it has become so much easier to integrate content management systems such as WordPress into a custom website design. The decision of whether you should invest in a static or dynamic website will come down to the price, expected timetable, and capabilities of your web developer.

At uVision Partners, almost all of our sites are dynamic in nature. Most of our business sites are built using the WordPress content management system, allowing our clients to quickly add pages or make updates to text and images. Our customized web platforms still inevitably interact with one or more databases, so they are also considered dynamic.

Want to discuss whether a static or dynamic website is the right fit for your website? Call Surafel Tesemma, our Project Development Manager, at (443) 583-4196 or email us at [email protected].


Aaron Dandrea